Dota 2

Dota 2 public games are infested with morons

Have you had enough of people picking clinkz, yelling "I'm mid!!" in chat and then proceeding to go 2/10 in 13 minutes?
Are you tired of russian kids screaming "cyKa" all the time?
Sick of people pointing out your minor mistakes, while completely ignorant of their own flaws?
These and many more issues plague the public matchmaking system that is included with Dota 2.
Lopya aims to solve these issues and with the help of people like yourself, it can really happen.

Lopya - where friendly & skilled Dota 2 players gather

Lopya is a closed community of Dota 2 players who are interested in quality games and work together to guarantee that.

There are several rules in place, which provide a high baseline quality of games. Some examples follow:
* It is illegal to leave the game before it is over.
* English is the only allowed language.
* Unfriendly behavior is strictly forbidden.

Rules are enforced by the players themselves. If you think someone in your game broke a rule, you can easily punish them.
By default all players hold the power to punish everyone else. This guarantees that there is always someone there to see evil.
Even if someone bullies someone else in private, the victim can easily record the event and have the bully punished.

Crime doesn't pay

Quite the opposite, in fact. The people who bring down the quality of the games have to pay real money to keep their account active.
After a certain number of offenses it will cost a small amount, say $2/month to keep the lopya account active and continue playing here.
If the player continues to get reported for bad behavior, the cost will increase.

It's quite simple really. The bigger asshole you are, the more you have to pay for the privilege to play with our awesome members.

The idea behind this is that bad people will be driven out of the community because they won't be able to afford it.
Should there be a rich guy who insists on paying a fortune to keep up his bad mannered ways, then at least you know he is paying for all the free fun everyone else is having.

... And Justice for All

Getting punished by someone is not a final decision. Lopya has a sophisticated justice system built in.
There is a public lopya court, with several appeal levels.

If you get punished by another player for something you did not do, you can appeal and a community judge will review the case.
Should the community judge do you harm as well and you still belive you are innocent, you can appeal again to have the case reviewed by an elder judge.
In some extremely rare cases, it's possible that even an elder judge makes a mistake, and thus you have the ability to appeal one more time to have it all reviewed by a supreme judge.

The whole court process can be observed by any member of the community.
It is not easy for corrupt judges to go about their evil business, because any random lopya member can just report the incident.

Also, with every confirmed false punishment by a player, that player's power diminishes and in fact that player may very easily get punished themselves.

Given enough people who care, this system works very well. Are you one of them?

This is not the place to learn how to play Dota 2

Lopya is a community of skilled Dota 2 players.
There are multiple tiers of skill levels so that the extremely skilled can play with other extremely skilled players.
However there is no tier for people who are still learning the game.
If you are still learning the game, then you need to do that elsewhere, maybe even in the horrible public matchmaking games.

Balanced teams & fancy statistics

The public Dota 2 matchmaking system is a joke compared to what lopya offers to its players.
We have been building rating systems for dota players since 2007 and as such our techology is simply unmatched.

Think you have what it takes? Apply for a free membership right now!